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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What items do we clean?

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Q. Are you the same company as the Merry Maids?
A. The Maids has no connection to the Merry Maids, the Molly Maids or any other home cleaning business or company. We have many clients that used to use these other companies in the past before they switched to us. We understand that some people try out various services for comparisons. We appreciate all clients that understand the value of the level of care we have for our business and our professional service.
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Q. Why do you have four-person cleaning teams?
A. Four-person cleaning teams have proven to be the most efficient because each team member then concentrates on a specific cleaning function while in your home. The primary functions include dusting, vacuuming, kitchens and bathrooms, all of these adhere to our unique 22-step Healthy Touch® deep cleaning system. Four-person cleaning teams can get through the day quickly and smoothly versus the two person crews that most other companies use.
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Q. Why is The Maids worth the money?
A. We are committed to delivering a total cleaning package every time. This includes consistent, quality cleanings, dependability, and a world-class customer service team. We use only high-quality commercial equipment, including our unique backpack style vacuums, and we clean all bathroom and kitchen floors on hands and knees.
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Q. Are your people insured and bonded?
A. Our insurance is the best available. We're not only bonded, but we also have liability, crime and employee accident coverage as well. Your home, our team members and The Maids are all included in this coverage. We will be happy to send you a certificate validating our insurance upon request.
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Q. Do you pay your employee payroll taxes?
A. Yes, we pay all of our employees payroll taxes including social security-FICA, workman's compensation and unemployment.

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Q. Who supplies your equipment and cleaning products?
A.The Maids teams will always arrive at your house in one of our company cars with our own environmentally friendly cleaning products and equipment. All you have to do is either open the door or arrange access for the cleaning team. If there is a particular product that you would prefer us to use, please make our office staff aware of this and we will make sure that your team is aware of this request.
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Q. What is the cost of home cleaning?
A. Our fees are based on the amount of time it takes our team to clean your home. The size of your home, the number of people living there, pets if any, clutter level, etc. are factors that will effect the time. First time house cleans are charged at our hourly rate and we prorate our time in 5 minute increments. If you are considering ongoing services we will provide you with a set price, depending on the frequency of your house cleanings. You will receive three pricing options: weekly, every other week or every four weeks. Occasional cleanings will remain at our hourly rate.
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Q. What payment methods do you accept for your services?
A. Payment is due when we complete your cleaning. A credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) is required to hold your reservation. You may pay by cash, personal check or Visa, MasterCard or American Express. If you aren't at home during our first visit, and you do not wish to pay with your credit card we will ask you for a check for the full estimated amount, plus tax. If it takes less time than we had estimated, we will gladly refund the difference to your or apply it to our next visit, whichever you prefer. On regularly scheduled cleanings, we ask you to leave your payment on the kitchen countertop. If you prefer to pay with a credit card, we will handle that transaction from our office. We have no interest in billing clients and monitoring collections after the fact.

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Q. Do you guarantee your work?
A. Should you find yourself not completely satisfied with the work we've done, simply call our office within 24 hours of your cleaning, and we will re clean it at no additional charge! Please note we do not offer cash refunds.
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Q. Do you clean homes on weekends?
A. No, The Maids are only available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.
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Q. Is it necessary for me to be home when the team arrives?
A. It's up to you. For the initial clean, we perfer that you are home. Our teams like to meet you and then to review the clean instructions. At the end of the first clean, you can inspect the home with the supervisor. Once on a regular schedule with us, many of our clients prefer to give us a key. Others may leave us a key in a safe place each visit or provide us with the garage keypad code or perhaps even have a lock box. Alarm systems can either be left off or you can provide us with the entry/exit codes. By far, the most efficient and problem-free way for all concerned is for you to provide us with a key. This way, there is no waiting and wasting time by anyone. This also prevents lockouts (and lockout fees).
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Q. How do you ensure the security of my house keys?
A. Your key is secured at our office in a lock box. Access to this lock box is restricted to only office management. The key is given to the team leader on the day of your clean. The team leader returns the key at the end of the day and our management returns it to the lock box. In the unlikely event we lose your key, we're insured for key replacement and re-keying your locks. Additionally, each key is assigned a random number on it so that there is no identifying information on any key, such as the name and address of the owner.
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Q. Will the same team always be used at my home?
A. We try to have the same team in your home each time. The supervisor's job is to learn your home and to ensure every team member delivers the consistent quality that you would expect. If you are on a regular schedule basis with us, you will most likely end up with the same team for each clean. Some clients are more concerned with the day or time of a team's arrival and are open to any team that can accommodate their needs. We are flexible and will work with our clients' preferences.
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Q. Can I be told exactly when a team will arrive at my home?
A. Two days before your scheduled cleaning, you will get a call confirming the approximate time a team will be at your house. There are some variables, such as traffic and extra time spent at other homes, which obviously prevent us from giving you the exact time of the team arrival. We can, however, call you approx. an hour before the team is due to arrive at your home.
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Q. Are your cleaning team members supervised and trained?
A. Team members are first trained through videotapes, then via hands-on personally supervised training, plus written and oral testing. Ongoing training "refresher" meetings are run several times during the year. Each team is managed by a team supervisor to see that all cleaning tasks are correctly completed. Our client services manager will contact you after every cleaning to confirm that everything was to your satisfaction.. All our teams have company cell phones and all our company cars have GPS tracking devices so the main office is in touch with all teams at all times.

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